Blood And Biscuits

Three Trapped Tigers ‘Silent Earthling’ CD

‘Silent Earthling’, the new album from Three Trapped Tigers, comes 5 long years after their critically acclaimed debut ‘Route One Or Die’.
TTT are a band impossible to categorise; they move at breakneck speed with masterful use of screeching, effect-laden guitars, an arsenal of glistening sci-fi synths, pummelling sub-bass, colossal riffs and audacious drum patterns that both underpin and define their unique sound.
They possess that rare ability of managing to sound complex and fluid whilst eschewing any feelings of pomposity or sterility - in full force Three Trapped Tigers feel both gracefully intelligent and still wildly primal.


1. Silent Earthling
2. Strebek
3. Kraken
4. Blimp
5. Engrams
6. Tekkers
7. Hemisphere
8. Rainbow Road
9. Elsewhere