Blood And Biscuits

Gallops - Yours Sincerely, Dr. Hardcore (2xLP)

Debut album by Gallops on double vinyl includes unique MP3 download code.
Side A
1. Astaroth
2. Jeff Leopard
3. Hongliday
Side B
4. Lasers
5. Rhythm Is A Misery
Side C
6. G is for Jaile
7. Window FX
8. Bromden
Side D
9. Skyworth
10. Crutches
A battle between guitars and electronics is the centre piece of this LP packed with power, pace, groove and intelligence. Produced by Matt Calvert (Three Trapped Tigers/Evil Ex) this debut album injects a new panoramic scope into their punchy math-rock
This group who take everything you know about the more technical, leftfield strands of the musical periphery and turn them inside out!